PROs and RF: can Audiojungle help authors not to lose money that are on the table?


I’ve recently partecipated to the survey about PROs that Envato has submitted to his music authors. This topic has became very important for me recently, maybe because I’ve sold my first extended license and it’s a pity losing money that could help our carrer. Since we know that our music could go on TVs and radios, since TVs and radios already have a fee they pay for all their music to PROs, no extra money would be asked to the music user (AJ buyer). While in some cases (e.g: website usage) the user should pay royalties directly to a PRO, in these cases there is someone already that has paid. So I ask, how could we get the money we deserve avoiding the user to pay extra money? I’ve found a tutorial on an AJ competitor saying these words:

<<You are allowed to upload your original work that is registered with the
PRO, although as long as we are a Royalty-free music marketplace, we
don’t oblige our clients to fill cue sheets, but if a TV company
licenses a track on a “Wide License” from our marketplace with the
purpose of broadcasting, it is their responsibility to fill in a cue
sheet with the relevant public performance organisation for their
particular country.>>

We still don’t know if AJ will accept PRO music registered in the future, but these rules on this site I have mentioned make me think and I ask myself and AJ if the solution is not so far. I would like to be paid for every usage of my music, even for a website usage, It would be nice if a Stock Site would give me this opportunity, but first of all I think of these cases in which someone already has paid money for the performing rights (TV, Youtube, etc…), The user doesn’t have to pay anything but the copyright owners still won’t get a cent because his music is not registered with a PRO, these money will probably go to someone who doesn’t really need them. These money we deserve won’t cost extra money to the AJ buyer, so I wish AJ could find a solution soon. What do you think Audiojungle authors?