Top authors! (Some of you) Why don't you register with a PRO?

I’m just curious, why do some of you choose not to register with a PRO? I’m especially asking top authors with several hundred sales per month. You can see that it doesn’t affect sales in a negative way since both Aurus and PZ are registered.

You’re potentially missing out on $100,000+ per year! With that many sales, it is very likely that you will get at least a handful of really big placements that pay very, very good PRO money. And you probably have many smaller placements.


Yup, no reason not to register. Cue sheets will be filed by broadcasting companies no matter what and I’m sure there are a lot of uncollected revenue at the PROs for unregistered songs. Remember it’s possible to do retroactive claims.

I think, that most authors don’t sure, that PRO organisation is really work!
That it’s really possible to get money with them!

And It’s difficult to spend time for learning laws when your basic job is music)
In my opinion)

But it’s very interesting idea to learn it)

Yup. I just got a couple of thousand dollars for an ad that aired several years ago. There are MILLIONS of unclaimed royalty dollars out there.

Well, true, but registering with a PRO and adding the information to your tracks here is really very, very easy. And it can secure and really have a positive impact on your financial future. Seriously.

ONE single big ad can equal a year in AJ sales for many already successful authors here.

It is? How does that work?

All PROs handle this differently. Depending on what restrictions they have set for time limit.

For live music you can do reports up to 3 years back with STIM. With broadcast it’s different rules. Remember though, sometimes it takes everything from 6 months to several years before the reports/money finds it way. Broadcasters report to different PROs depending on country. So be patient. It can take a while before the money ends up at your PRO and on your account.

A question for someone who registered with ASCAP. How did you register? as a writer or publisher?

You can register as both.

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Meaning that i need to apply two times with two different applications?

It depends on the PRO, but you should be able to just apply for one account, and then fill in your IPI and name in both the Composer and Publisher fields on your AJ items.

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Thank you!

Is there an advantage from putting yourself down as publisher as well as author?

With many PROs you are automatically the publisher unless you have another one.


ASCAP gives 50 percent of collected royalties to the Writer and the other 50 to the publisher. So with them you need to register as both to get all of the potential royalties. Fairly simple process, $50 to register for each.

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I’m with PRS (UK) and I’m pretty sure you just have to register once with them.

What about BMI?

If I’m reading correctly it doesn’t look like there is a fee to join as a writer, and they say you’re not leaving any money on the table if you don’t register a publishing company also.

If you do want to register a publishing company, its $150-$250