Why some authors do not register their tracks in PROs?

I am a complete noob to this, and none of my tracks are currently registered with anybody. Can somebody please explain in very simple terms the difference between a PRO, AdRev and Youtube content ID?

Can you register with all of these simultaneously? Is there conflict there?

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Start Here:




Read everything on all 4 sites. Joining any of these 4 would be a good idea no matter where you live. Free Money is just that…free money. “Performance Royalties” literally just fall on your lap when you least expect it but if you do not become a member and register your titles and display your PRO affiliation and IPI number here on AJ, You will never see or receive that “free money” for broadcast usages which generate “performance royalties”. Times have changed and we have a global marketplace and a global network called youtube. That story is still evolving and unfolding. I have to believe soon the PRO’s can and will track “youtube performances” or “streams” and pay performance royalties more efficiently. They already have begun to pay small amounts of royalties, but moving forward I’d expect that to grow as the world increasingly consumes content via “on demand” streaming as opposed to satellite/ cable TV.


In my country you can’t sale royalty free music if you use their PRO.
And you can´t be registered in another pro if you are using theirs. So, fluck argentina :stuck_out_tongue:

@MeGustaMusic Strange. Are you sure? Usually PROs do not care about distribution of our music.

But still you can register in other, “foreign” PROs.

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Yes man, totally sure.

IN my country, you can’t be registered to several PROs. If I want to register to a foreign PRO, I have to erase my account in my countries PRO. I can’t do that because I need the social care. (It comes with the account)

Hope I make myself clear :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, I guess you’re right. :sunglasses:

You CAN register your tracks to a foreign PRO as far as there is no conflict of tracking your tracks by two PROs for the same country! For example you can have your Argentina PRO represent you to Argentina, Brazil, Peru (choose your countries), have BMI to represent you only in USA and let’s say PRS UK to represent you in the rest of the world. That’s what I did with my Greek PRO. They represent me only in Greece and have BMI for the rest of the world. Hope it helps…

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yes man, thanks for the tip. My country has difficulties to bring the payments from other countries PRO, in many cases they don’t have treats with other PROs in the same vein, we don’t have treaty to bring back taxes. We are looking forward to a change in policies but most of the times we are talking with dinosaurs. They still see RT music as a threat . Thanks for chiming in

i am registered to a PRO but so far have not seen a cent…not one statement and there have been a few big license purchased from me…

Yeah, but still it is early since PRO music can be uploaded to AJ. You have to wait even one year more. And of course not every broadcast will be properly submitted to PRO so I recommend tracking them.

What to do if i registered a track in a PRO few weeks after it broadcasted in a federal TV commercial? Can i still collect my royalties? What are the steps?

Yes, it’s ok. They are collecting cue sheets with a delay, like in the end of the year or later.

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@RedOctopus Do you submit a cue sheet with you zipped files on AJ or you just hope that the information of the track’s page will be taken into account?

what do you recommend for tracking?

I do not include a blank cue sheet, but I definitely should. Instead of this I include a pdf file with all my data, name, IPI number, mail, etc. and with a short info about PROs and cue sheets.

  1. TuneSat for TV in USA and part of UE (50 tracks and 50 detections/month are for free). Great tool.
  2. AdRev for Youtube

@RedOctopus Hi!
Tell me, please, how correctly to register your track in BMI?
How to correctly place attributes and fill fields?

But i think every production company should include cue sheet taken from the local PRO and send it to local PRO as well (i.e on local language)? So this is quite pointless, no?

Hi. I don’t know. I am registered in ZAIKS (Poland).

Yes. This is why I still do not attach blank cue sheets. I’m not sure if this will work outside the USA. On the other hand USA sales are the biggest so maybe I SHOULD attach them.

Oh, sorry, I’m not careful.

I think one of the reasons why not everyone is with PRO is the fact that different PRO’s have a bit different ways of doing things and it could be confusing. Take ZAIKS for example. I remember when I was checking their agreement online I saw a clause stating that if you register a song with them, you cannot bypass their authority and administer rights yourself. So it seems like it’s even impossible for ZAIKS members to direct license their own work. That’s why I decided to register my music with PRS instead. You are registered with ZAIKS, so there’s probably some workaround that I don’t know about. Care to elaborate? :slight_smile: