Why do so many authors not have/use PROs?

What’s the benefit? Do they appear more attractive to potential buyers?

Just wanted to bump this post up. Anyone at all know why so many authors who sell good don’t use PRO’s?

Hi FatOwlProductions,

From my side I could ask why AJ authors should even bother with PROs?

For authors that mainly sell music only here PRO really doesn’t matter. PROs are good for independent US or UK authors, not sure about EU or Australia, but many authors here are from countries were PROs don’t work, it’s very difficult to cooperate/register with PROs if not possible at all.

But that’s what I know. Maybe I’m wrong. Let’s hear other thoughts.

PRO and AJ collab is quite new - I’m not sure but I think it started from this year. Before this it was forbidden to upload tracks which are registered in PRO. That’s why a lot of authors still aren’t using PRO help, but the number is growing.

There was discussion about impact of PRO registered music on sells. A lot of folks were afraid of lower sales, but right now it looks like PRO didn’t affect sales. Some authors say that sales of registered tracks can be even higher, because big movie, games etc. companies aren’t so afraid of buying music which isn’t registered anywhere=they aren’t sure if those pieces are royalty free for real. Keep in mind that many of them have to pay flat rate to PRO even if tracks aren’t registered, so buying royalty free music isn’t cheaper for them.

Another point is that registering in PRO in many countries needs a lot of time for bureaucracy and it’s complicated. Like in my country, in Poland :slight_smile:

I think the number of authors registered in PRO will constantly grow. Right now we don’t know how much cash will be transfered via PROs. We will see this in a few month or even years :slight_smile: I suppose this can convince a lot of authors…

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You don’t have to use your country’s PRO if they are a hassle to work with. You can use a UK or US PRO.

There is no difference between AJ authors or anyone else. In fact, with such a high sales volume AJ tracks are very likely to end up in TV commercials that can bring in more $$$ than you make here per year,

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Do you happen to know which US or UK pros are the easiest to affiliate with bureaucracy-wise for a foreigner?