why rejected my business card? and what are the reasons?


I think the main reason it was rejected is probably because it’s just too simple. The business card category is one if the hardest ones to get into, because there are already so many. Quality isn’t the only thing reviewers look for when reviewing your item, they’re also looking for things that are original and stand out.

I would suggest checking this link for the things that they do and don’t need. https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000472923-GraphicRiver-Items-We-Do-and-Don-t-Need

As you can see, basic business cards are not needed.

well i do not feel the same, at least he brought some originality through teh texture and disposition, if u ask me … now the thing is that , according to me sometimes pros are also cons at the same time … the disposition is having several inconvenients indeed … first of all the logo “is choking” up there … it is stuck in a place where this is not breathing … there is not enough white space around and this is too close from the upper edge …
the name and function look like side way information when they are essential and once again they are too close from the edge indeed, the alignment in the left part is also not good vertically , he loses either space for writing names or making them pop out but teh left part looks uneven because of it , too
icons are too simple and he has texts flagge din all directions until people do not understand anything and the disposition is losing harmony …
the second side should display a way better and more central logo in my view … rather than taking basically the same disposition

Yes there are improvements that can be made, like you suggested, but I still think it falls into the category of “basic business cards”. You can have different colors, shapes, fonts, textures, etc. But with there already being so many business cards on the marketplace, they tend to all look fairly similar. From what I’ve seen, the vast majority of people asking about their business cards on the forum, all have very similar and basic designs. Not saying that they’re all bad and poorly made, just not much originality.

I don’t do business cards on here, but a sure way to get your cards accepted is to think outside the box, make sure everything is spaced out nicely and is easy to read, and have a great and interesting product preview. There isn’t much (if any) room for error in some of these categories, so you really need to put in a lot of extra effort.

i do not disagree with u indeed, the thing is that this is really difficult to bring somethign really new to the table … especially in an environment which is this saturated . If i am following what u said doing something new would mean that all is really different , disposition, style, theme and all the rest , for me, even if u are right, this is a bit too ambitious so to speak …
i assume that part of the problem is that the potentiality to sell to the biggest number is being prevailing

That’s exactly the issue, its difficult to do due to oversaturation. The 3 main categories that are hardest to get into are; business cards, logos, and flyers, which are also the 3 main items that we see on the forum being rejected all the time. Those categories are oversatured, so the best thing to do is to focus on bringing something new to the table, which like I said, requires a lot of extra effort.

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this is u are right but the difference with u is that i still think there is a bit place for something that is not “revolutionnarily creative” but strongly executed and professional as the fatc of the matter is that some items are limiting slightly the creativity due to the format in a way

Thanks to everyone to me vital information

u are welcome indeed