Why my presentation rejected, please give me a feedback

Hello every body! My presentation template just got hard rejected, i need some advice to improve my design, i would very appreciate your advice and feedback, thank you very much.

Hello, sorry to hear that your item got rejected. The color theme is really nice but in general the presentation template needs a lot of improvements mainly in typography and the design.
I see that you were trying to be creative in the main headings but I don’t think the idea works well enough, for example

This is not readable at all, even when I type it here. Another thing is line-spacing in the paragraph text - it should be fixed in order to be visually more pleasing to the eye.
As for the design - you are using some geometric design elements like lines in some headings but in other places there are squares and hexagons that just feel out place and don’t guide the attention to anything, which needs to be improved.

I like the images you are using, they don’t feel generic or “stock” which is good.
So yeah, I would suggest you focus on improving the typography and some of the design elements and their placement.

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Thanks for your advice, i will try to improve my design

the color maybe nice but the problem is that the general looks is very dark and this type of item is most importantly meant for corporate purposes and most of companies will rathe looks for a clear one rather than dark (notion related to positiveness), so sorry but i disagree with what u said … at least about this

u mentioned about the item being hard to read , this is not wrong, but this is related to the color … this is proven and tested that reading white and black is more tiring than diffusing attention more than black writing on white BG …

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hi pls complete what i am going to say with my response to Octatheme

i think that u have a global problem of arrangement of elements and blocks, about spacing ad everything in most of the “slides” this is really hard to follow the logics in the shapes u use , look what is the link between “mobile device” , “smart watch” and "our value, graphically speaking we do not see any though, though both are titles at the same level … u are expected to have a real coherence in the organization and decoration of elements for such corporate items …
in addition, the back ground is displaying very little design work, this is globally flat and takes u basically bring nothing so new to the table …when all the markets are saturated , this is not so much of a good idea, if u know what i mean …
at times u have dark / black stripes or shapes in the back, they bring nothing to the table aesthetically or graphic design wise, they just emphasize some discrepancy that u make between look alike section of the same category and this is ruining the global harmony that u rathe managed to create otherwise
the typo is a ver important part here , this is fair if u ask me, though, honestly , this is rather flat and lacking either font combos a bit and some touches of originality as well …
pls keep in mind that contrast is a basic design principle and that this is not small deal for this matter so avoid unreadable text in too close colors … like white text on clear grey color background for instance …

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oke thanks, I will take advice from you all, a lot improvement needs to be done, I will try to do a lot of improvement in color, contrast, typography, consistancy, and harmony in my design, thank you very much for the advice, i really appreciate it.

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this is a positive attitude , no doubt that u make the most of all the things u have been told and take your game to te next level :slight_smile: good work and good luck :slight_smile: