why rejected my presentation

my presentation template was rejected pls help me to figure out what happened


You are far far far away from everything graphic design related. You basically ignored all graphic design rules and principles. You just waste the reviewer’s time with this. Start learning the design basics first.

ok thank you very much for the advice and can you suggest any tutorial or something on how to build a proper presentation

Learn the Graphic Design Fundamentals. These rules can be applied to create any items not just presentations.


hi I am sorry to tell u just this because I guess u did your best and took some time to create this item all the same but, to be honest with u , not only are u far from standards, but u are also having an item with multiple mistakes of all sorts …
1- global style
sorry but the slides as colorful as this notably looking outdated but is not really compatible with the corporate world that u are addressing in a general way. Pls keep in mind that this is a template in the first place and a presentation, in other words, u are expected to have something rather sober, more efficient nd clean all the way rather than creative colorful and everything …
2- alignment
this is a basic design principle and thus not a small deal to say the least … the fact of the matter is that u have some texts not properly aligned in the bullets and thus this does not look completely professional
3- contrast
another graphic design principle , the worse one to deal with as this is bringing a variety of other issues to the table in a snowball effect … problems regarding hierarchy, exposure and impact, and most importantly again readability … (to be developed below). U have to understand that if the background color and the color of the text do not diverge enough , there is a really negative impact in many ways. Look for instance the white text on the blue bullet, this is really not contrasting enough to say the very least and this digs your item …
4- readability
a direct impact from the previous point, needless to say … some texts are simply invisible and unreadable and what is the point to have a presentation if texts are not readable or to place some texts if they cannot be read instantly ?
5- hierarchy of information
the problems related to colors, contrast and so on and of colors assigned to this or that is aa problem here as some texts turn out to be more readable and contrasting than the title above … this is completely te other way around that should take place
6- impact / exposure
so be honest this is not anything too much springing out , being really valued and really catching the attention, this tends to flatten gamely the whole product
7- fake logo
pls invest some time to create a decent logo which will look professional and take the preview to the next level rather than contributing to flatten it all a bit more like the logo that u have at this stage is doing …
8- guideline / harmony
I have trouble to identify why u have some slides made of white background and red text and some slides are very colorful. This makes the concerned slides look like coming out of the blue and having correlation with the rest , which breaks the harmony , ultimately …


thank you

thank you very much.I follow the rules and try my best :heart:

good, so all I have left to do is to wish u good luck for next submission :slight_smile:


It would be nice if there were more people like this who are willing to help!
And a big thank for you behalf all of us :pray:

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