give me a solution about my presentation being rejected

Hello, all
please give me a solution so I can fix my rejected presentation

It’s hard to tell about the details from this pic but it certainly looks like some of the typography could be improved

It feels like there is a lot going on with numerous different abstract layouts (which in themselves is not a bad thing) but lacking in cohesive structure or the basics that are needed to bring the creative designs together into more of a practical end product

hi indeed, u have all kinds mistakes here , according to me …
1- contrast
some of the elements or texts that u placed are indeed far from contrasting enough with the background and some times can hardly be seen or read , so their interest is decreasing gamely … pls let me remind u off the fact that contrast is not a small deal, this is a basic design principle and this leads u to further trouble in a snowball effect …
2- weak hierarchy
this is partly linked to what was explained in point 1 but not only, u also have a few strange combinations of titles being smaller, less bold and so on that sub titles and this is very confusing for the important message and the impact they are given …
3- typo
do not get me wrong this is not very bad what u have here … though , to be honest , especially judging how high are expectations here , u are still far from reaching he standards , it would take , in particular more font combinations and definitely more originality touches so that the the typo gets much more interesting and more in relief too …
4- disharmony or disconnection
according to some very varying picture and arrangements , as well as colors, i have trouble to identify what is the guideline and how what u have done here is making sense as a whole indeed. For instance making circular and squared is everything but a good idea and naturally leads u into breaking the harmony of the template as a whole, i mean among other things. Besides, do u realize that some colors are not only not matching but they are also coming out of nowhere , too?
5- alignment and spacing
alignment and spacing are varying not only in the same slide but also from one slide to the other and this is difficult to find the guideline , again and to create harmony in such a contexte, too …
6- background
globally there is very little work on the background