Please give me some feedback for my presentaion design

Hi, I got hard rejected for my presentation design. I need feedback to know my mistakes, I would appreciate for your feedback and your time.

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Hi bro, try this tips and trick below :

  1. Add 30-40 slides for every template
  2. Don’t layering placeholder with transparency background too much (just1 - 2 slides that’s enough)
  3. You should adding help file for information how to edit your item, link to the free font and free images that you used.
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hi bro, thanks for the reply. it gives me a lot of insights.

  1. Yes, i think i need add more slides there.
  2. I see, thanks for this advice. I’ll try.
  3. I’ve done that for every submissions.
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hi sorry to say just this , but this is very unlikely that this alone is synonymous with a hard rejection , there are other issues as well

hi i personally rather like what u have here, though there is a variety of things that u may improve or fix so that the item is globally better and has more chance to make it for sale … I guess that one of the major issues is that the hierarchy could be improved so that the primary information / important stuff could pop out more, get more noticed, generate more attention . This is particularly true for titles. Ok what u have is harmonious about it , but honestly enough i could not say that this is super visible , really springing out or whatever … Besides, still a bit in the same topic, actually , the contrast is not properly done for most of the texts., i would not say that u are violating this basic design principle as this is not true , though , this is not satisfying completely yet and this brings a bit readability and hierarchy issue to the table in the end. Otherwise , u have a lot of things that look like buttons, call for action buttons and sort of icons, most of them look a bit too simple and some of them, the white ones, look a bit kind of “tasteless” so that this is deteriorating some of the slides u made. The typo is clean but honestly this is also a bit flat and i cannot really say that originality is transpiring from there, f course, i am conscious that this is a corporate item and that this requires seriousness in terms of style and maybe not too many fantasies but the thing is that u have a bit the other way around right now , it looks a bit rigid and flat. I assume that much effort is demanded in terms of typo here , no matter where u are posting and what u try to sell , so i consider that u need to bring a bit more about this part to “abide by the stndards”. I would also recommend that u try to push the envelope when it comes to backgrounds, most of them are simple and u would add additional value out of having more thing there , especially in the slides where there is nothing but plain white color … finally i would add this, in one of the slides u have three pictures being combined and sort of piled, i tend to believe that it would be way better if the frame were white and that the partition between picture were clearer indeed, while, on the other hand, u have to pay more attention to texts being placed on complex context - like the slide with the circular graphic - because they are hardly contrasting enough and being readable enough too