Hard Rejected Google Slides Presentation


After 5 days of workin on this 28 page (dark version included, 56 p. all with based on master pages) presentation i received HARD REJECT. This platform isn’t helping me out with nothing at all feedback. Any advice would be helpful.


Your content is all over the place. You don’t have visual consistency from one slide to another. Pay attention to spacing and alignments. Re-work the hierarchy and composition.

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hi as for me , I would reproach a lack of guideline in the first place. This is nit looking super natural and super logical to alter between white and black in the background and this gets even less when u turn out to introduce some clear violet color and some green. I presume that u can identify that the clear green and the concerned colors are not matching well to say the least and that they are rather disharmonious rather than any other thing. IN addition , there is worst again, as the green color makes u violate a basic design principle: contrast. Violating the contrast thing is not a good idea at all as it brings u , in a snowball effect , to face further troubles as regard to hierarchy / important contents, readability and so on. Let’s face it this is supposed to be an offer inside the concerned green bullets and this is impossible to read it in the first place , so that this is clearly not given the impact and attention that people may expect for such a content … in the same extent, writing some text over a complex background like a picture is not a good idea and would require lots of efforts from u so that they are readable and that the slide dealt with does not appear as not reaching the target … (after all why having texts if they cannot be read, in particular for such a type of item …)