Why my plugin got rejected in 10 minutes?

Dear Community Members,

I am seeking assistance in understanding the recent rejection of my plugin submission. To my surprise, the rejection notice came swiftly within 10 minutes. The plugin in question is the 3D Flip Book for Elementor, and you can find more information about it on our website: 3D Flip Book For Elementor – QodeMatrix

I am genuinely interested in comprehending the specific reasons behind the rejection. Your insights and feedback will be immensely valuable in helping me improve the plugin and align it with the quality standards of the platform.

Any guidance or advice you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and support.

Best regards,

This is actually a very good product in my book, I am curious as well what was the reason for the reject…


Perhaps because there is already a very similar item being sold on the marketplace???


However, we have incorporated more features than those, and they are not exclusively designed for Elementor. Our product was specifically crafted for Elementor, offering drag-and-drop functionality, along with numerous other advanced features.


I think your product looks impressive - I don’t know why or can I explain why it may have been routinely rejected. To be honest 10 minutes is a quick time in which any item can be rejected, but I do not own or work for Envato, so I am not sure why they can reject items so quickly.

Was it a hard reject? I guess so.

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Also, it appears you had one item recently approved (26th October) so maybe that poses issues when you try another item for submission so close? Others may be able to offer some comments on this which might help you.

Yes, its hard reject.

It’s not related to that.

I agree with this comments with some additional notes. There’s nothing wrong with the item but it’s so close/similar to the items already been approved and this is maybe the point of your rejection that 3d book design such as yours is pretty outdated. It was popular while 2016-2018 but nowadays, you may need to find better execution to achieve something similar.

Maybe it could be bundled into your previously approved item as 2 or more widgets in one plugin.

It’s different plugin/purpose.