Rejected in 5 minutes

So I am spending a couple of hours to read and comply with the upload requirements and someone has “reviewed” my item for 5 minutes and rejected it?

Being in WP plugins business for more than 10 years I know very well the submitted item was not crap. So how did someone decide it is for 5 minutes?

I will never give you business again and will never recommend this company to anyone.

Its hard to comment without seeing the demo but are you sure that all the necessary steps e.g. documentation, demo and here, were completed correctly?

To the best of my knowledge all requirements were met. But how could I know? Replying with “rejected” in 5 minutes after submission without even hinting what could be wrong is disrespectful to the authors time. This is not a way to get business.

I have been a buyer of few items. Not too impressed by the quality but for the price they were OK.

Unfortunately because of the today’s interaction this is not going to happen ever again. My decision is final, never will be giving business to Envato and will also never again send them any of my customers.

5 minutes is okay for sure. There are examples where reviewers give hard reject for 30 seconds. But this is also okay, if reviewer was spending more time we will have 30 days of waiting for a review.

For a company collecting $5 + 1/3 of the revenue on each sale I would expect a lot more.

Like Charlie said above, there’s no way for us to get an idea as to why it was rejected without seeing a demo here, but two very common reasons for rejection is poor design, or it’s too generic/doesn’t offer anything new compared to all the other themes.