Why does Envato refuse to give explanations for hard rejected items?

Why does Envato refuse to give explanations for hard rejected items?

At the same time they tell you to correct issues and resubmit an entirely new product – yet without offering any hint as to why your specific product was rejected; instead offering a laundry list of possible reasons.

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Maybe due to the high workload of Reviewers.

So, you’re saying that the reviewers will reject a product and not offer an explanation due to high workload?

That;s a poor excuse, if true.

Why is that a poor excuse? Personally I would like a shorter review time before detailed explanations of why a item is rejected. It would probably triple the review time.

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I am also very surprised that the products hard rejected without writing even ONE word of explanation.
I think that a very good products meets very much, and therefore the reviewers is simply no point in wasting time on some explanations, because of good products for filling the store abound.

I imagine it is partly due to time (remember they get literally hundreds of submissions many of which are not good enough).

Plus anything short of detailed feedback is likely to cause more harm than good. For example if a reviewer fed back on hard rejection saying, “the typography is not good enough” or " There is a lack of visual hierarchy" or “lacks technical quality”…

  • What if the author does not understand this?
  • What if they simply lack the professional ability to fix it?
  • What about the subjective difference between what an author thinks is good enough and the reviewers opinion?

Either this will confuse some authors more OR they will fix stuff then resubmit and if they get rejected again they will be more upset because they will feel they have answered the reviewers requests and it may still not be good enough.

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Because they give zero reasons why they hard-reject a product. That’s why. How are you supposed to know the reason(s) they rejected it when they don’t specify those reasons. The length of the review time has nothing to do with my original question.

show a screenshot here, what was hard rejected. maybe someone will tell the truth.

Our product is an excellent product. Approval by reviewers here is just to get our product on this site.

We developed a WordPress plugin that works great. If there was a technical reason for rejecting it, I could fully understand, however, without any explanation about that, it makes no sense.

For the time that people spend submitting their products, it’s my opinion that the least Envato could do is spend some of their time offering explanations for hard rejections, after all, it’s not like they’re not making millions of dollars from approved submissions.

Everyone who submits a product here spends the time and effort to go through a somewhat lengthy, involved submission process.

Just my two-cents as a member who has had a product rejected for no reason whatsoever.

Screenshot of what? It’s a WordPress plugin.

Have you got a link to the demo for your plugin? Maybe someone can shed more light on it having seen that.

We have a version for sale online. The version we submitted to Envato had the license key removed. You can view a demo of it here: http://magictooltips.com/demo - however, I’m not sure the moderators here will not remove the links. It’s a tooltip plugin that works with Gravity Forms. Gravity Forms themselves thought enough of our plugin to list it on their resources page here under “Field Related” https://www.gravityhelp.com/other-resources/

It does look nice (I am not qualified enough to judge the backend code of it properly).

If that’s the demo link you used you might have to drop the pricing tab as it contradicts envato’s license, pricing and support policy

If you really feel it was wrongfully rejected you can appeal it.


I’m not going to drop the pricing tab as we didn’t opt for the exclusive arrangement with Envato.

Hard rejections cannot be appealed as per Envato policy.