Any idea about reasons of hard reject

Hello to all!
Can someone tell me the reason for the rejection of my WordPress plugin?

The plugin is an extension for the Elementor.
My widget allows users to create a grid of custom post types without code skills, while making it possible to change and customize any element of the post.

This one is demo link.
I will be greatful if anyone can give me idea about reasons of hard rejection.

Feel free if you need more information about my plugin I will be loved to answer

The demo page only shows a page with no functionality. The link to the documentation doesnt work :confused:

I apologize.

During your visit to the website page, I had been rebuilding it.
I would be grateful if you look again. Perhaps you can offer improvements for my plugin that will lead to successful moderation.

Thanks in advance

Maybe this:

I have no real experience in what Envato accepts or not (I also got rejected with my plugin) :frowning: But at least that is what I noticed on your demo page. I hope it helps!