Why my logo design are rejected ?

I spend a lot of time creating a logo but they are rejected I don’t know why.
could anyone here to tell me the solution thank you.

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hi for me the illustration part is not bad but not super adapted to logo template purposes as this is rather detailed and as u can see in the small thumbnail details are flattened in small size and this is directly no looking as good indeed. Otherwise, u really have to pay attention to color combinations indeed, as the colors often fail to contrast enough and emphasize your work properly so that the preview is selling and the logo valued as expected. There is also an issue of proportion between text and illustration if u ask me, the illustration taking over a bit too much over the text all the same …the typo i fair but most importantly too flat and thus rather far from standards for here , where typo is a major issue> Introducing variations, font combinations and touches of originality would be welcome and would help to generate relief ultimately … the imbrication and the flagging of the text in the horizontal version are not ok, in my view, u definitely need to change just this from where i sit … i would like to have further a focus on the black background preview and would like u to realize that u are breaking the contrast basic design principle there as u the lack of contrast of colors is not only no making the thing look good and outstanding enough but also gets u confronted with additional problems in snowball effect as regard to readability and hierarchy , too

well, thank you so much for the valuable feedback I really appreciated it, okay all I need to improve my designing skills and focus on color combination, and typography, font, and therefore, my design wasn’t approved, so the design must be looking good in every aspect even in the thumbnail thing should not be messed up.
yes, I can see in the black background I just broke the contrast of the basic design. I will try my best.
thank you again.

yeah of course all details matter and can make a difference , especially if u have small defects here and there they can turn in a hard rejection ultimately … depending of how serious and many of them u have … if u have enough clues as for what to do pls check the solution box :slight_smile: good work and good luck :slight_smile: