My design was rejected and i don't know why ..... would any body help and tell me why ?

There is no design here. Anyone can do this in few minutes.

hi indeed, there is a rather cool original touch with the hi, i’m bu the thing is that apart from this u have many issues to take care of at the moment … here is what u should fix in my view

1- general style
basically as mentioned by @DesignSomething, indeed u need to push the envelope more graphic design wise … what u have can be redone rather quickly and as such the commercial potential of your item is dropping dramatically if u wish … since people would rather redo and save money rather than any other thing indeed …

2- typo
this is basically too flat a bit , there is a need to introduce variations, font combinations, a bit more originality , in my view

3- contrast
this is not a small issue as this is a basic design principle, well, the fact of the matter is that some of your texts do not exactly pop out enough

4- icons
they are too flat, too common, this is photoshop preset style and normally this is not helping to have an item approved indeed

5- logo
the fake logo is definitely not convincing and clearly not helping your preview to get to the next level i think that investing some time and energy to do something really good about this would help you as all details matter indeed

Thanks … i’ll take care of that in my next design … hope that u find my next have some effort

Appreciate your time and effort
and of course i’ll take care of all your comments in my next design, and as well i hope u find my next design better

do whatever u like buddy , the only thing that i can tell u is that most of the guys who ever mentioned this end up redoing the very same mistakes in new items without identifying it … and end top coming to ask why the item is rejected in the forums … but the decisions is yours i wish u good work and good luck , if u feel like u have clues enough to get to know what to do with your item, just check the “solution” box :slight_smile: