Item rejected

This my rejected item.

I don’t reason for rejected this item.
Please help me.

hi, if u ask me, there is a variety of reasons why the logo is rejected. Do not get me wrong this is far from being the worst thing that we have seen, but there is a good deal of things to say all the same
1- global style
sorry to say just this the illustration part a bit old and outdated, especially in some color variations indeed. The fact of the matter is that the red one is the one that looks the best to say the least and by far …
2- color combinations
indeed, in terms of colors i would recommend that u try to display only the colors that look really good and avoid colors that are not valuing your item in the first place. What is left to say about this “section” is that the blue color one for instance is far from making the logo look punchy and popping out enough , pls see next point
3- contrast
by displaying such things as the blue color version u are on the verge of violating the contrast basic design principle and if u do not do it completely indeed, u are still facing additional problems all the same, pls , see next point, as giving the attention and exposure that the logo requires
4- imbrication
part of the deal is that thing are not properly placed , there is a gap between the illustration and the text part indeed
5- typo
sorry to say just this but indeed, this is clean but also very flat what u have here and the problem is that here , there is much expectation as regard to typo, no matter where u post and they expect u not only to bring something harmonious and sort of efficient, but also something with relief, originality and so on … in this extent, that would be great if u could bring more variations, font combinations and touches of originality indeed