Why my item rejected? please help me

Attach preview of your item here if you want to get advice

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Attach preview now!

There is so many issues in your design, for example:

  1. If you look at the 2nd section, you can easily recognize the inaccurate use of spacing.
  2. You’re not utilizing white space (One example would be the boxes in section 3), the content has no room to breathe.
  3. The design is too basic. You should probably take a look at similar products first and see what they have that you dont.
  4. Image selection could be better.
  5. The typography looks dated.

In my opinion, you might need to do some more research about Envato standards for the category you are uploading to, and then try again.


hi for me the biggest problem of all is a title and hierarchy one … indeed, nothing is really being popping out enough and being valued as expected with what u have at this stage , when it comes to titles to main titles, company name and logo … almost al looks like secondary information and hard to identify what the flyer is for what , what is it purpose and so on … the typo is very flat as well, clean but basic, lacking some touches of originality, lacking variations and font combinations . For me the kind of blue gradient adjustment layer that u have on pictures is simply not working as these pictures do not look good as such … i recommend u to melt them much much more like what u have been doing with the edges of the big central picture (the area of the woman’s arm). The footer text is close to unreadable , too due to the lack of contrast and readability and contrast are basic design principles , so , alone could justify a hard rejection indeed … not t mention that as @androThemes mentioned u have some alignment issues to fix , too

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