I don’t know why rejected my item, can you understand me about this problem?

Your flyer looks busy and you have the same style that was rejected many times. Also you have spacing issues and your elements are to cramped and to close to margin.

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Thank you for your feedback

hi i see a lot of things to work with …

1- general style
too crammed, too raw , with too big elements until this is lacking finesse and elegance indeed

2- originality
this is an issue as mentioned by @DesignSomething, what u have here is resembling a lot of things in terms of style, colors, organization nd typo and a lot of this is being rejected …

3- spacing
u have a lot of issues like this … texts are too close from the icons , this requires that u give breathings and align harmoniously with the rest of things too

4- typo
too common and looking like other items in a general way but in addition, the most bold text for categories seem to have been compacted , this loos not good and this is not readable either

5- alignment
why positioning contact us and the header text like this?! it looks disconnected from the rest indeed …

6- fake logo
this is not attractive and not making your item look better, this is the other way around u need a decent one and position it properly , right now this is too close from the edge

7- sense, readability and hierarchy
u do not feel like this is strange to have “contact us” highlighted when u have the phone number almost nowhere to be seen?

What about these patterns? Can I come up here?

See more samples here : https://ingiacucre.net/in-bao-li-xi-gia-re

Sorry but I don"t understand and I can’t evaluate these asian prints. It is totally a different culture. I like the ornaments this is all I can say.