Why my flyer got rejected?

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Your pictures are to close to margin. Also overall style is outdated and you need to work more on content hierarchy.


hi the typo is clean but maybe introducing a bit originality somehow some way would be welcome and would help u to have a more convincing hierarchy of information in the meanwhile … besides, what @DesignSomething told u is true indeed, there is a bit more work to do at this stage as regard to the concerned hierarchy of information. he was also right about the positioning of pictures as, as such they would at least get into te safety zone and even maybe in the trimline …
besides , u also have an issue of spacing , especially considering the block of 4 picture in the mid section of the flyer , i think that making the 4 pictures adjust to the lower line would be a good idea, which implies that you make the text column adapt to the left part of the section …
this is just a detail but i think that would be much more selling too if u were changing the top picture indeed , as this is not showing much , i assume that zooming out the same picture if possible or changing the concerned picture would help u to have a more appealing visual part …

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@n2n44 Thanks so much for your detail answer. I’ve learned many things from you.

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@DesignSomething Thanks so much for your valuable answer.

hi thank u indeed if u have clues enough u can check the “solution” box , good work and good luck buddy :slight_smile: