Can I get some precise hints on flyer rejection reasons? Thx!

Hey guys!

So, after a few years break here on the marketplaces I have decided to come back to life…needless to say, I am a bit rusty in terms of what’s needed as quality/aesthetics and such. Can I ask all of you for opinions on why this flyer has been rejected please (the reason was the one with the overall quality etc) - would help if you got really specific observations, so I can understand where and what to change and how to steer things.

Many many thanks!

hi indeed u have a rather wild collection of things to change, fix or deal with indeed …

1- global style
to be honest , in my view
the flyer, right now depends a bit oto much on the main picture in the back , u probably need to push the envelope a bit more graphic design wise indeed so that your item gets more commercial potential in the process

2- focus point
u do not necessarily have to put main titles in the center of the canvas but what u have at this stage is a bit too far all the same, if u ask me and this is hard do identify what is the block of central text belong to, as this is almost merging with the footer …

3 - hierarchy
this is linked to what i mentioned above but also due to the fact that one info that u emphasized as a major one graphically speaking is being given a strange positioning that is not in keeping with its importance

4- global text positioning
well u have some texts a bit spread everywhere in the first place and the eye gets lots when it comes to catching the information and identifying which one is really important and worth the drive catching the attention. All the dates and hours are strangely dissociated and in addition they are placed too lose from edges until this is hard to make that they will not be cut in the trimline or at least that this is not chocking because of a document being cut too close from them …

5- spacing
u have two options indeed … first u bring the dj line closer from the central title block or make it joining the footer more clearly and no matter what is the option, u need to have more space between the concerned blocks and u need to adjust the spacing between lines accrpording in each block …

6- coherence and homogeneity
i think that the combination of squares and triangles is simply not working visually and that u oil be better off harmonizing it all

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Thanks so much, there’s quite a handful a helpful hints there that I can think of!

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i hope so and i hope it could help u , if u feel like u have clues enough to take your item to the next level , u can check the “solution” box :slight_smile: