Why my design has got rejected. Please suggest me.

hi sorry tis tell u just this is but this is normal it was …u have a big collections of mistakes here, including some very bad ones, actually … let’s get started
1- global style
to tell u how i feel, i can see anything overly original here, to say the least, all inspires a sort of deja vu feeling if u wish , when this is expecting that u bring something to the table that will make your item differ from others and worth accepting if u wish
2- contrast
this is a basic design principle and thus is in no way to mess with … only because of what it and also because this drives u into a snowball effect to face several other problems … pls check the next points. Anyway, at this stage, contrast is not good for a good deal of texts
3- readability
this is a direct link to the contrast issue indeed, as the color of the text is far from contrasting enough with the background color, the text looks either close or completely unreadable indeed. The fact of the matter is that even if u can manage to decipher the concerned texts, they are not popping out as expected, that’s the bottom line …
4- hierarchy
once again a direct effect from the contrast thing. Indeed , u have the main / central text being less visible and readable than some more secondary ones indeed … look, “about us” and secondary titles like this can be read easily, pop out more than the slogan that u use as a central title … this is the most prominent example but indeed, this is just an example from many, pls also look inside the dark bullets, the title is springing out less than the following texts, this works counterpoise if u wish
5- flagging
let’s face it here the guideline is very difficult to understand , u have texts flagged in all directions, left. right, center and without it really makes sense so that this impacts negatively the item visually speaking
6- logo
pls take some time to create a really professional looking logo that will take your game to the next level rather than using simple text randomly put like this, which end up flattening your work even more in the end … pls see point 9 and 11 for “logo-related issues”
7- lack of breathing
this is quite crammed to say the least there is close to no white space anywhere , every elements look sort of stick right next to each other until the whole document looks like “choking” This is also the reason why there is a lack of impact of elements that u have used in the end … pls see the other related issue next
8- margins
so that the flyer can breathe more, u need to make sure that texts, elements and so on are not so very close to the margins, all margins in this case but especially the left and right ones indeed. Block of texte already look like blocks no need to emphasize this effect so to speak, out of sticking everything so very close from this that i a not even sure that part of the elements will not be cut as located in the trimline … besides , as u may know , nothing’s supposed to be situated in the trimline zone nor in the safety zone one, apart from making sure that no essential element gets cut, this is a way to make sure that there is a minimum breathing , as well
9- z-shape reading and impact zones
if u get to understand what z-shape reading actually is , u will understand how eyes are usually sweeping across any document and where are the right places where to put important things, like the logo for instance. To make it short, the eyes swing like this in the reading process … from top left to top right right, then slanted way till bottom left to end up in the bottom right area. This determines 2 major impact zones, top left and bottom right , where eyes are starting and where they are stopping … plus the central focus point in the mid of the canvas … in other words, the right positioning of the logo is either top left, bottom right, or in the very center of the canvas …
10- typo
do not get me wrong i cannot say that this is very bad but to speak frankly the typo part is a bit flat and the feeling of it is also reinforced by the fact that there is not so very much graphic design in here I would thus recommend that u make a bit more efforts as regard to the typo, which is essential and a main focus, here , in gr in a general way, no matter what is the category where u are posting … introducing more variations and font combinations, as well as possibly some touches of originality would help generating more relief indeed
11- alignment
this is a basic design principle here … the logo or company name and tagline, to be more accurate is not flagged and aligned properly so that this is creating a messy feeling that u had already given birth to by failing to adapt the white space where u have put the logo with the shape and disposition of it …


Thank you for your comment

u are welcome , if u have enough clues as what to do to improve the item, pls check the solution box, good work, and good luck :slight_smile:

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