Why My Design has been rejected. Please inform me

  • Typography needs a lot of work esp. fonts, consistency, hierarchy
  • Margins and padding are way off around all text blocks
  • Logo feels quite forced within the design
  • Phone number feels raised

thank you for recommend.

hi , well basically enough , u have sort of made the same mistakes as usual , so to speak … I used to mention about breathing and margins, that u needed to take blocks way farther from the margins but u have made the very same mistake once again. If things are stuck like this, they lose impact and fail to catch the attention of users, globally, not to mention that the whole document also looks like “choking”, resulting in something far from convincing visually speaking …
then, contrast , well , I told u several times already … u cannot expect to have anything accepted with such blatant mistake as messing with the contrast - which is a basic design principle - and even more when it comes to the titles as this is directly taking u to be confronted with further problems, like hierarchy and readability ones. I guess that this is what pedagogy is all about , about repeating several times, to let’s get started once again
this is resulting from the problems linked to contrast among other things … the fact of the matter is that your title , which should be the most prevailing thing in the document, is being less visible than secondary information and springing out less than some minor items with lower interest and given attention … still about hierarchy, why having such a big “our” I have no clue , personally … contact information are small too … I assume that most of the business / corporate items would try to value at least the phone number …
still resulting from the contrast thing but not only, since this is also due to the positioning close to margins, as well, bu the fact of the matter is that readability is not great and the eyes do not feel comfortable to read elements, insofar as , apart from being stuck to margins, things are also widespread , flagged in all direction and the eyes get lost in the reading process with such info positioned like this. The lack of contrast is “the nail in the coffin” as having a main text in the wrong color, on top of a complex background “picture” is just the guaranty that things will turn wrong … that the concerned texts will not be given the proper attention and impact that they are supposed to expect to be given …
logo positioning
putting the logo like this so very close from margins is a bad choice, this is the guaranty that the item will not be given the expected impact and attention and that it will instead divert the attention rather than any other thing. The thing gets worst when the logo is not given much contrast with the background and that the typo part and the global balance of the mentioned logo are not really as good as they should be
global style
to be honest , your work, as such makes think of a patchwork … this is resembling more a collection of elements put right next to each other than like a composed flyer where all elements have been cautiously positioned according to each other to bring a harmonious whole to the table , ultimately …besides, for further related issues pls see next point …
I particularly fail to understand the dissonance between the upper part dominated by rather black tones and the lower part “switching” to dark blue ones … needless to say that matching black with dark blue has never been a really convincing - and working - color combination and that this is rather generating a feeling of having things pasted right next to each other rather than being composed …
man, this is super flat ! I understand that this is a corporate item and that maybe playing substantially with fonts is a bit less an option , but , here, this is whole flat and monotonous indeed! the only variation is about the use of italic font that looks super old fashioned and the boldness used to “distinguish” titles from the rest … pls let me remind u that expectations are high here in terns of typo , much effort will be required and u will be asked to bring variations, font combinations and possibly touches of originality to the table , as well. At this stage, u are quite far from standards …
this is another graphic design principle that you are violating , things are looking a bit messily arranged to be honest , here , u have to pay attention that everything is as professional as it may get

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tnx for ur suggestion

lol if u consider all that I wrote as a “suggestion” , I have a better understanding why u come up with the very same mistake from ont time to the other lol anyway, I hope I will help u all the same …