I don't know why my design rejected if any know then pleas help me

I don’t know why my design rejected if any know then pleas help me. I’m submit almost10 design but all rejected here 1 copy out of 10, I’m sublimit all design with readme file (Fonts links) and all design submit one-by-one

how about this design

There is a number of things wrong here with the basics -

  • the logo is very small compared to other elements

  • the left / right content in the bottom corners have different margins and are not aligned which looks odd

  • the delivery truck icon is unnecessarily oversized

  • typography is quite plain

  • not sure what value the dots and dashes are adding?

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hi I am sorry but here I do not see a "design " here I see a good headphones render , period… for the thing to transform in a design u have to make sure that u bring a good deal of other things to the table … Here there are a lot of flaws to say the least … let’s get started …
1- global style
sorry but at the moment this is too simple, this is partly what I have just mentioned but here is what I need to add … even is there is close no graphic design at all here , the little that u have is offering a good deals issues , too
2- background
u could not bring any extra value at all here and see goes as far as the global style goes, I would really suggest that u push the envelope graphic design wise so that u get rid of the problem mentioned in the next point …
3- low commercial potential
sorry but at the moment, the item looks like buying a render , this gamely decreases the commercial potential of the product as such very simple products can be found for free download in the internet or canoe redone in a few minutes … for the buyer to feel like buying u have to make sure that he identifies that he can either save significant time out of buying or that he will get a graphic design going way beyond his personal skills . in both cases, right now, none of this is happening and hard to figure out why a person would buy the template as such
4- typo
sorry once again but for this time, this is not where close from GR’s usual standards about typo … here expectations are high and u will be demanded quite an effort when it comes to this particular point … now , this look flat and quite common, nothing Is really outstanding nor popping out indeed. Introducing variations, font combinations and possible touches of originality will help u to generate some extra value and most importantly again to bring so relief to the table … Look, this part is even more essential if u decided to go with a minimalist style … pls consider what u have to offer in the main zip file … a render , a bullet , an icon and texts … so that , this stands to evidence, the text part must be particularly well done so that u can have this work approved …
5- hierarchy of information
do u realize that the think that springs out the less overall is probably the main title ? not to mention that if the z lay out is rather respected , in terms of sizes and so on, this is really nowhere near from being irreproachable …
6- contrast
I would not go as far as saying that you are violating this basic design principle but , though, this is very often not contrasting enough all the same and the direct consequence is a negative impact on the visual hierarchy wise. There is in deed a combined problem of points 5 and 6 that I am going to deal with in point 7
7- logo
first of all I would recommend that u invest some time to create some decent looking professional fake logo that will take your preview to the next level rather than flatten everything just like the text that u have until now … then, lets face it , if u have the mentioned contrast and positioning issues for the logo , plus a master of size too, then ,tis means a lot as regard to how your item is being inefficient when it comes to branding. If a buyer is expecting to buy such an item he or she will be looking for the brand to pop out, to be easily noticed, and to be as, much as possible remembered, this is common sense …the problem is that right now this is not what happens here …
8- lack of breathing
indeed by letting too very little space between margins / edges and the contents u prevent the elements from being valued and u come to a situation where the global item is sort of choking … this is what u have at the moment …notto mention that there is the impact on the global harmony
9- global harmony
well as explained in point 8, the issue in the disposition of elements in the canvas results in breaking the harmony that u had managed to create otherwise (I mean apart form the black color title coming out of the blue, of course)
10- bullets and discount text
they are like “call to action” buttons for the web , these elements must prevail and strike people’s attention , when there is nothing like this in what u have here … besides, same goes with the phone number … this is meant to be seen, outstanding and to try to push people into buying or picking up the phone to collect some information , so think about it , do u think that right now this is what this is inspiring? pls consider that u are a potential buyer and try to figure out what are the things that are required for the item to be as efficient as it may get …
11- lack of finition
this is mainly about shadowing right here … the main shadow is well executed and this is cool, though a very efficient one if made of different kinds of shadows resulting from the scenery … to learn about this, I highly recommend the incredible tutorial from Nemanja Sekulic’s great YouTube channel … u will learn a lot about this …