Why was my logo rejected. Need help!

Hey everyone, I uploaded my new graphic design theme logo but got weird response from reviewer.
It was as follows:

" Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Web Media Logo” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again."

what did I do wrong?
How do I change it to accept?

Waiting for your responses and thanks!

hi indeed, there are a good deal of things to fix, improve or change if u ask me …first of all i want to comment that this is a tough category and , for that matter, much efforts will be asked from u , globally , so that u really have to come up with as close a super professional item as possible. If i say this is as sort of introduction for the first point indeed … anyway let’s get started
1- execution
this is what i was sort of evoking just above. Indeed, u cannot expect to have an item going through with shapes not properly designed, this has to be looking 100% professional, even, everywhere and show no flaw in the path so to speak
2- lack of concept
indeed, the market has changed gamely over the years and nowadays , bringing something to the table that looks “generic” is of no real help , unlike what used to happen in the past. Nowadays, u rather need to hit a niche mire than any other thing …
3- general style
indeed, there is still not much originality in what u have here … and the fact of the matter is that the item could have been looking better without the uneven frame surrounding the “w” not to mention that as u have not really pushed the envelope graphic design wise, the logo can be redone rather easily without having incredible skills or spending too much time , see next point
4- commercial potential
u need an extra value so that people identify that by buying they will save time , this is not really what happens here at this stage
5- harmony
for harmony matters that would have been more pertinent to have both text and illustration in the same style or at least more in the same style to be more accurate again … the typo part is nt really matching with the illustration insofar as this is way straighter , when the illustration rather made of curves. The discrepancy tends to kill the harmony and unity …
6- imbrication
the text and illustration not completely well positioned with one another at the moment i would recommend that u make these two parts draw a bit closer indeed
7- typo
despite the variation, what u have here is still a bit plain and would gain in ternms of relief if u had ever introduced some font combinations and some sort of originality or at the very least touches of originality indeed …
8- readability
this is as regard to the tag line only, indeed, right now, the font used is a bit thin and is maybe relegated a bit too much to the status of “secondary information” all the same. u have to make sure that this is readable and visible all the same , at least indeed a bit more, u may have different solutions to do so , like increasing the boldness slightly , changing the font or whatever as long as the text pops out a bit more from the background …

Thanks for your feedback

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u are welcome if u have enough clues of what to do pls check the solution box

A general rule you should follow to make your logo attractive is to avoid trendy looks because they are destined to become outdated really fast and also because there is a possibility that some other companies are using it, too, so you won’t be as original as you think. Don’t pay attention to modern trends, design something neat and long-lasting, it will save you money and time in the future.