my design rejected again

hi my friend
my design rejected again…my god… what is my problem…i do every thing…

Maybe @n2n44 can help u with ur problem.
He is have great experience with design.


it’s not about design itself, I can find here 20 mistakes or I can say it’s great. For me issue here is typo and simplicity but in other side simplicity is wanted now, called minimal…

I wont judge your work - I will give you advice - > when you make your design, stop for a second and ask yourself: “is this original - like niche?”

There are millions of works like this - this is the reason. Imagine 1k of works like this only, it would be approved in seconds, but when there is hundrets of thousands like this … it’s a challenge.

here is example of my latest work uploaded on envato elements, and submitted for GR market

Designer flyer (post with my work with skull)

find for me similar work for halloween on the GR or elements :slight_smile: this is the key - find your work unique, it’s hard but not impossible :slight_smile:

no pain - no gain :slight_smile: hehe


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hi @Novocaina (Paul) is right about what he mentioned as regard to originality , this is definitely what will make a difference as regard to the commercial potential of the item and partly as regard to the way your item will more easily make it through the reviewing process … though , i think that there are some things that are worth mentioning all the same that may help u to have this item going though all the same … (however for it to be , as Paul mentioned, u need to have as perfectly executed an item as possible owing to the rather “common style” of what u have done here …)

here are my “tips”

1- alignment and spacing
make sure that you elements on the top left and the bottom right are equally distributed … at this stage all these elements are not placed in the same way and the place between then and closer edged is not equal indeed

2- hierarchy
i think that you need to find a way to make sure that some texts are popping out more, that they are more outstanding … maybe introducing bullets under “change … star gym” or under the services under this title …

3- typo
this is lacking variations at the moment … this is having an impact in the way the whole item looks indeed

4- fake logo
this is so sad … u have a greta illustration part but the text part is just ruining it all and makes the whole item look flatter or at least not enables u to benefit of the extra cool visual effect that your log should bring to the table indeed …

5- lack of balance
dude to the positon of the picture in the horizontal version, u are generating a lack of balance indeed … u need to push the picture to the left hand side , at this stage u have a “crammed” side on the right and a too empty one on the left …

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thank you so much
but i dont understand about number 4- fake logo
can you explor…?


it is new model of advice…
thank you…

u placed a logo meant to be changed by people’s own logo right? please work on creating something professional decent all the way … your illustration rocks but the text is super flat … the tagline is lacking and everything so that this is having a wrong impact on what u have created otherwise …