Why was my design rejected?

Im not really good to explain something with english, but I know who can.
So, @n2n44 can u help???

Can you help me why my file was rejected

I think this is so simple and not use any design shape to more make creative. I think u seen previously card design in graphicriver and get to more ideas.

At first im sorry for my bad english, english isnt my main languange. So, appologize my tongue :grin:

If u ask me thats a few point why your design was rejected.

  1. Poor composition. Thats too flat, maybe u can add more element on that, u know, on the righ side look empty.

  2. Contrast. The typo not look clearly, 'lil hard to read. Try playing with contrast of each element. Maybe u can use white for the typo so that can be easy to read.

Thats look just typo on the blue bacground, not design. U need more touch on that. Put some design element on that, create a good layout and play with contrast.

Hope it can help u.
Best regards, dotibed.

Thank you all. For correction :pray::pray:

Anytime :blush:

hi indeed there are a variety of reasons why this card did not make it in my view

here are some

1- contrast
there is too little contrast between background and texts

2- readability
this is resulting from the first point and from the third i will tell u about
texts are not popping out enough , are hard to read and so on

3- typo
the typo is globally too thin and lacking variations , there is an impact on readability as well and on hierarchy too

4- hierarchy
this is impacting the global attractively of the card , there is nothing outstanding and there is , as well , a lack of font variations and combinations

5- global style
this is too minimalistic, the whole graphic design more or less consists in the logo but the problem is that the logo will not be kept by potential buyers … so why buying?

6- limited marketability
the too simple global style breeds that people would rather opt for redoing if they like rather buying, they will not waste too much time and save money indeed …

7- emptiness
the logo side is too empty u can almost wander what this is for … basically the file that u will give will be a uniform white surface …

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Hi @n2n44 thank u for coming and help us here. My English is too bad to give @imancangga design feedback.
So, thanks a lot bro :beers:

Best regards, dotibed

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u are welcome buddy :slight_smile:

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