My item Got Rejected. Again. Need feedback!!!

Can someone tell me why are they got rejected?
Here is the Preview Image

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It looks quite simple, such a product will not be sold, because it does not save the buyer’s time. Circles, which I think are not appropriate, although this is only my opinion.

Thank you and have a nice day!


I was checking mockup can be the reason for rejection?

Your card does not have any concept. It is too vague. Try to find a business that your card will fit in.

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hi for me what is pretty good here is the attempt that u had to bring originality to the table , in such a saturated market this is more than welcome. I agree somehow with @DesignSomething about the lack of concept even if it could have been a plus too in terms of commercial potential. The problem is that , to do so, u would have to create something flawless that will either go through reviewing and also look completely professional and selling all the way but right now u still have to fix a variety fo things indeed

1- harmony
u have some at this stage but as i use to mention the choice of having both very circular shapes and way more angular ones at the same time is not working to sell indeed

2- general organization
this is not too miuch of a big deal of the same but u have a bit of discrepancy when it comes to the way u organized both sides and insides each side from top and bottom parts and right and left ones too … u need to make sure that the thing looks flawless right now

3- typo
this is probably the main issue here as regard to the level of work expected in terms of typo in all GR categories, what u have is kind of fair but u are expected to add more originality into what u have now, as well as introducing more variations and font combinations so that u can also ultimately strengthen the hierarchy of information as well

4- icons
they are a bit flat , like photoshop presets and they probably expect u to give more identity to what u have done

5- logo
the fake logo is very basic indeed, pls create something that looks good and takes your game to the next level