My item Got Rejected. Need feedback!!!

Can someone tell me why are they got rejected?
Here is the Preview Image

Hi @graphicards
I think that you design card business is too basic (bad colors, very few information, need best typography, etc) you can see other example on graphicriver approved. but you don’t can copy similar other design.

hi i see a real effort of originality in this one, though , despite there is a potential, there are also many things to fix in my opinion …

1- execution
make sure that the edge looks exactly the same everywhere in the end … the upper part of the top triangle deteriorates the preview and makes your whole card look not completely well executed indeed and is so this is hard to have the item approve d…

2- textured edges
basically this is a bad idea but u have to manage the thing pop out a bit more as, right now , this looks like u stopped in the mid of the way …

3- contrast
the text in the central part is essential and as such it must pop out and be fully readable and outstanding , in other words, u have to make sure that u increase the contrast between texts and background among other things

4- hierarchy of information
for me u have to strengthen it , this is super logical all the way with now … there should be company name being bigger and then name and function and after the personal data …

5- icons
they are too basic indeed not valued or bringing anything too much to make the visual more outstanding and more graphic as well …

6- background
this is too plain and the fact that this is plain is emphasizing something else, see point 7 … maybe bringing a small smooth texture would help u to “dress” the background

7- organization
the problem is that the centra axis is really busy compared with the sideways that look pretty empty to say the least …