Please Review my Rejected Bussiness Card

I’m a newbie on Envato Market Please Review my rejected business card.

hi indeed this is rather easy to understand why it was rejected … this style, with these colors, this type and lay out , they just have a loooooooot of them and besides u can see a great deal of them in the forums as they have been rejected … in addition, let’s face it , no offense ok, your card is not the best executed one of them all and kind of bit flat … think about it, a greta deal of potential buyers would not be interested in your item … why would they buy an item that they could redo rather quickly to say the least? i am not sure that it would take over 15 minutes for a confirmed designer to redo what u have here … this basically means that u have to think about bring some “added value” to te table , bring some originality (so more graphic design) and that people feel like not only the concept has been worked out but the way the card looks too
at this stage one side i really simple with basically only a logo and in the other one , your icons are flat u have a logo, two shapes with plan color inside, some flat icons and blocks of texts …
if u manage to introduce what i mentioned , u will clearly take your game to the next level and make all people feel way more attracted with what u do so that they approve the item in the first place and after that people come and buy it …

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Thanks for suggestion bro :slight_smile:

u are welcome, if u feel like i gave u enough keys to bring a solution to the table, u can check the “solution” check box :slight_smile: