Hard Rejected my card

Can anyone please tell me Why the card was rejected ?

Because adidas and nothing else

yes lol since there is much to say …

hi indeed at this stage u have only plain colors and text on top of it, so basically, u have no graphic work and no originality … the logo is far from impressive and rather hurts your preview … the typo is plain , there is font combinations, and is not even harmonious … in short u have no typo work, there is all to redo in this case

the rounded rectangles are the same that u used in other rejected items … u did not take into account what i told u so the same goes … they are too plain and the combination of color of them and the text on top , this is just not good …

think about complementary colors, for the logo, for the background and all teh rest … do u think appropriate to use these beige color rounded rectangles with black texts on top of them when these color cannot be found anyhere else?