My this design is rejected can any one tell me what could bhi the problem

Please help me with your critics. What made this flyer design rejected. I am open for your critics.

Pradhuman Naruka

hi to be honest there are so many things to say that I do not even know where to start with … anyway , let’s try to start with the start lol
1- global style
to be honest with u the feeling that I have when I first see your item is that this is a bit “raw” and some way unrealistic too. The fact of the matter is that u have set up sort of a very glowing environment overall and that this environment has no impact whatsoever on the elements on the central composition … I rather like the texture in the back, the color and the light effect, they could be improved slightly again if u ask me but this is rather cool but these part look completely disconnected from the rest …
2- disconnection of different elements
indeed, as I started to evoke, there is something illogical and unrealistic in the way item are organized and composed until the composition does not look credible anymore. If u have all these lights effects and so on they must necessarily have some repercussions on the model, titles and so on … u thus need to dodge edges of the models to make them impacted but the lighting behind the model.
3- shadowing and lighting
The first step is determining where the lighting comes from and thus where there is not going to have light or at least less light so that they are also impacted zones (that will need to be darker). Shadowing is not only about the light direction, but also a way to generate more depth and for the item to look more credible and or less artificial / digital made so to speak. U need to place shadow for lighting matters but not also for finition and contrast issues , too
4- finition
sometimes - I mean most of the time - introducing some smooth shadows where this is expected will help u to bring more link and cohesion between elements, pls see next point for complementary information
5- depth
playing with lights , intermediary layers and shadow will enable u to create a moredpeth between the different layers and between the main composition as a whole and the background , bringing something more realistic and outstanding to the table in the process …
6- contrast
this is not a small deal to say the least, as contrast is a basic design principle and as so, messing with it is everything but a good idea. Besides, contrast is a particular basic casing principle insofar as this is making people be confronted with additional problems in a snowball effect, so to peak. Contrast has direct repercussions on hierarchy of information, readability and so on , in this case, as things are intertwining and imbricated the thing gets worse and worse
7- readability
this is partly due to the contrast issue that I pointed out but not only but the fact of the matter is that the main titles are not only not outstanding as expected, but they also turn out not to abide by a legitimate hierarchy , in a way … the combination of texture, stroke, little space between the different title parts , the flares, the lack of shadow “to underline” these titles and so on make it very difficult for people to read the concerned titles properly
8- hierarchy
in a well balanced hierarchy u have a minimum of two easily distinguished levels of information. They mist be seen at fires sight and target the right things to speak … the main information such as what, who, when, where must appear as primary information and be very visible and outstanding immediately when secondary information can be in smaller size, more in the sideways (in other words not in the impact zones) and potentially less contrasted too. here u have the name of the club being small, not much contrasted and far less than “presents” *(see next point) . Same goes with the date lost in the top right corner and the central titles pop out less than the “present” bullet , “dj Sasha” or the date lost in the sideways, in other words, the get eyes get lost in the reading process …
9- branding
something that most of the authors seem to fail to identify is that a buyer is very likely to be expecting to have the club name valued and be part of the most outstanding things , while in most of cases, the name appears in a restricted environment, in the header , in small size and so on … but look, if u are a club owners u will expect the name of your place and business not only to be identifiable, seen easily and remembered … with what u have now, people may believe that this is not the club name that matters but the word “present” which is a completely inverted matrix so to speak
10- z-shape reading process
I guess that this is not superfluous to remind u of how eyes sweep across any document … from top left corner to top right then slanted way down to bottom left corner and finally in the bottom right corner, with a focus point in the very middle of the canvas. This is a very important issue to know as this process actually determines impact zones and where important information mut be placed to be given the right exposure and impact …
11- slight lack of breathing
most of the info in the footer and top corner turn out to be placed slightly too close from edges and margins which does bring a cool environment for these items to get the right exposure in the end
12- misbalance
to be honest some things have pros and cons … the flag in the sideway is rather cool as rather original, too but the fact of the matter is that in the meanwhile this is taking away some breathing from the main titles and this pushed u to get into trouble with the alignment too
13- alignment
once again not a small deal as this is a basic design principle indeed. The flag that I evoked pushed u to put the model further on the right and the combination of this “move” and the added movie ticket with the date tends to completely make these elements look misaligned so that this introduces a global misbalance of the flyer as well
14- redundant information
to be honest , I do not get it , why reiterating some information? why having the club name in the top left corner and in the footer? why having having the date in the top right corner and in the footer too?
15- incoherence
I guess u not notice but notably did u put a date twice but they are not the same … this is likely to make what u have done not properly handled all the way

Thanks for taking out time to review and writing so many meaning points. I appreciate that. You are right i too feel all these. Lets make another one.

it depends on u however most of the people who tell me this are , according to my experience , coing back with another rejected item after doing the very same mistakes, though this is worth considering reworking or not, it depends on u , if u have enough clues as regard to what to do with this one, pls check the solution box :slight_smile: good work and good luck in any event :slight_smile: