Why my business card design has been rejected? I need specific reason. Please help me

Can I know why my items has been rejected? I need a specific reason. Please help…

this is good i like it, though i think that maybe the combination of colors is much seen thing here … and that part of the logo is a bit hard to read due to the lack of contrast … , finally icons are a bit simple (like presets, though harmonious in this context) and that most importantly bullets under our ou to be too close from the edge and should be stuck the to line like this. But u have a very good base to work with

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Thank you for your opinion, Nico, I appreciate it. I will make it better. God bless you

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Actually I loved it, I can’t see any reason to reject it.

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u are welcome , Mylord LOL

the ones i mentioned are part of an explanation , now maybe it was fair enough to make it for sale … reviewers did not feel this way though …