Why it's rejected? Please help me to understand

Why it’s rejected? Please help me to understand

Good Afternoon! I’ve listened to your composition. You can change Drum Kick and Finger Snap sounds. As me, I would use softer Finger Snap and “meaty” acoustic Kick (closer “Disco 70” style). I noticed 3 instruments with the same frequencies: Kick, Finger Snap and Mute Guitar. And the second important thing - I heard, that MIDI notes sound too quantized. You have to add more humanity into the music. If you use Cubase, you can open several MIDI tracks simultaneously, in one piano-roll window, and manually adjust the time when each note is pressed. I know, it takes some efforts. But I believe, it’s necessary! Don’t forget to work with EQ carefully. I understood, your Bass in this composition needs to be more “meaty”. Equalizer can solve this problem in 5 minutes! Compare the frequency of your work with famous albums. For example, I check my works with “A Time to Love” (by Stevie Wonder). Good luck!

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Good music! You just need to work on sound quality. Pay attention to equalization and space. Comrade above wrote everything correctly! Good luck

Ok. Thank you

Does it ends like that with fade out? Was it submitted like that? if yes then that a reason for rejection. Also mix could be a bit better, and more commercial / alive. Use compressors and reverb/delay

Thank you so much

Agree with all opinions, nice composition but better with some mix work.
about composition structure:

  • from the start till the minute 1 is all the same, no changes and no alternative simple melodic linie… I think this track could need more work in developement. Also the delay would be useful.
    As our friend @Pandocrator said, you can’t send a track with this fade out. Find a way to build an end. :slight_smile:
    good luck!