Has been rejected


Hello everyone, the track was rejected, I think the quality is good!

Hi :slight_smile: ,
The composition is good in my opinion, but the overall mix and piano sound is not that good. The piano sound like your record it with a mic, and that you play with the background. Also you have some percussion and rhythm stuff which are out of time, and the last thing is the fade out at the end.

Fade in/ out in stock is a go to rejection all the time. This is almost “forbidden” and reduce the potential commercial aspect of your track.

SO to conclude, I think you can keep your composition, but change the piano sound, re-work on percussive stuff, rework on the mix, to have it more balancer in term of volume, and also remove the fade in / fade out !

Good luck :slight_smile:

Look at some top sellers reference track in the same genre to try to follow some of these sounding etc

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I think the sounds not really fit well together and sounds unbalanced.

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