Help me find why my music piece is hard rejected

Please listen to my piece and help me find out why it’ has beed hard rejected.
You can find it here:

"This submission does not meet our commercial production (recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and our commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately. "

The composistion/arrangement problem is clear to me and i’ll work it out. What do you think about the mix overall?


I think the kick and the rhythm guitar are loud, compared to other instruments.
Maybe try and push that piano and whistle? melody upfront, same goes for the guitar that starts at 0:55, its quieter compared to the rhythm guitar.
Maybe pulling down a bit that click/smack on the kick drum with eq , it’s seems a little too much for this kind of song.
Try to compress everything a little bit, it should “glue” the instruments better.

Actually, on the 2nd hearing i think bringing that rhythm guitar down a bit will make everything sound better.
Maybe the main reason for rejection is “composition/arrangement”?

Yeah compress and use limiter for max loudness

Agree with above. Bring up the overall volume. Don’t over compress with the limiter though - it’s not the kind of track you want as loud as possible! Make sure it still has some headroom :wink:

Thank You all :slight_smile: It’s really helpfull. I’ll get right to it!

Its not very upbeat to be honest.
But it might have been accepted if it wasn’t that long. we all struggle to make 2min songs for those 2$ greater price and so it often ends up like this. Repetitive,boring rejected. 30 sec of it would be quite nice a track for a commercial or something.
I think that’s bad thing that 2min pay better than 1min or 45 sec. I mean its music not scrap metal to be priced on quantity.

I just notice you didn’t even fill up 2min. Than you really should have uploaded much shorter version,it would pass I suppose.


Hmm. How much to learn. I didn’t even know there’s a 2 min treshold. Thanks for advice!

The piano sounds like it’s out of tune - and I don’t mean the chromatic passing tones. When you land on single notes on beats 3 and 4, they sound like they have a flanger effect going.

The acoustic sub bass section is pretty loud compared to other frequencies. Melodic themes are bit confusing, especially when the guitar part and piano overlap (the guitar-idea is cool though imho:) and guitar is a bit out of tune with the rest of the song. That’s all I can find. Keep up the work!