Fourth rejection.I need help.

Ok fourth rejection here, this time the response was:

“This submission does not meet our general commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately.”

Please guys give some tips on how can I improve my songs.This time the reason apparently was about the composition/arrangement but other times it was related to samples/mixing/mastering so tips on this subject may help me as well.

Here’s the rejected track:


Hi @Silicon_Media! I would change the piano or add more layers on it cause the sound is midish a bit. And I’d cut some higher frequences on guitar when piano is playing. I hope it helps.I like the composition. Good luck!

Don’t start track with a fake acoustic guitar sound, it sounds very cheap when it solo, but as a background it’s ok.

Thank you guys, the guitar intro is really awful and the piano is kinda buried in the mix!
Do you guys think It’s worth to open the project and make some adjusts or should I move on and do new stuff?

And how about the composition?When I was doing it at a certain point I thought that the lead was with too much notes, any recommendation on that?


  1. Long intro (I think it’s better to start with guitar + melody)
  2. Guitar is too loud
  3. Instruments that play melody not so quality
  4. I think you need to add more derails and additional melodies to your arrangement.
  5. Mix balance and quality can be better

Hope it help you! Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thank you LuckyBlackCat!

Very helpful tips!