Track was rejected. Please, help me to understand!

The comment:

We found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.
This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.

Hey, bro, tell me please, what are mistakes?

Drum sounds are too aggressive. High distorted electric guitar are also a bit aggressive and it doesn’t with the pretty piano and glock

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Hello, MusicworldBY!!! The arrangement is very good. A small problem is the overall sound of the track. Most likely, You boosted the frequency range by 1.5-4 kHz and (slightly) by 60-70 Hz, and reduced the frequency by 125-500 Hz. The track sounds too tinkling and buzzing - because of this. It is not balanced in frequency. Sorry for my English…

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Wow, great musical skills!

Two things. As others alluded to, the mix is pretty muddy with lots of treble on top. I would also delay the onset of the kick compressor so you get more attack and less resonance, and bring the bass down a bit too.

The other thing is that this sounds more like a soft rock track than a corporate one, there is some gated synth hiding under there somewhere, but otherwise a very traditional composition. You might want to take it in one direction or the other.

Still, you obviously have lots of chops so you’re going to get it!



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Thanks alot, Bobfox!!! I would like to ask You, what is an instrument You have used to estimate frequency range?

Your marks are very helpful for me, thanks, PP!!!

Yes, now I understand that the wish to make composition more multifarious is not sometimes good idea. Maybe the second part is really unnecessary. The listener cant make a choice in the end and stays like unsatisfyed man)

May be You formulated main reason of rejection :point_up:, becouse thechnical mistakes are possible to be restored, but the general view of composition is a fatal conclusion.

Thank You very mutch for your attention!

Hi MusicworldBY !!! I went down this path. I can’t download a track from soundcloud to better explore it. So I just took a reference track by ear and started spoiling it with an equalizer to the point that it was similar to your sound in the track. And I saw that it was boosted on 65 and 2500 Hz and lowered on 370 Hz. I use Tonal Balance Control from iZotope and a frequency spectrum analyzer from Voxengo, in my work. Sorry for my English…

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Ey, English is allright!) I remarked your instruments, wish you good inspiration!!!)