Any help why this got rejected?

My metal track got rejected. Any help?

Nice playing but the mix needs a lot of work… And the note from 0:59 to 1:17 needs to go away right now! :wink:

The guitars are OK, but too dull, and I would cut the lead playing.

The drums need a lot of work. They need to be much more powerful.

Cool idea, but can be improved! I think you need to listen to a lot of similar tracks and really compare the sound. A good tip is to use a frequency spectrum analyzer. Best of luck.

Thank you so much this feedback. This was very helpful. Thank you once again for taking out time to give me pointers.

Very cool track! :slight_smile: Iwould do some more variations with lead guitar… also adding more chords can be interesting.
Well, pay attention to the end… I think curators don’t like this kind of endings… Just fading out it’s not enough, you need to finish the composition well… making some type of coda… etc.

Thank you for the complements and the feedback. I agree, the ending with fade out just seems lazy. Thanks thanks thanks. :smiley: