Why rejected? The work such as nice composed. Please help me professionals


I wonder what they did not like? Can be you know colleagues? Almost 5 days working on this composition, viewers is said that the track is far our standards. Please consult that wrong done?



Hi Alem-Project. You have a great start hear. The pace, pattern, and pauses are very good for presentations and videos. The melody is interesting and instrument parts complement each other well for the most part. What I think doesn’t work so well is the mix and some of the instrument sounds you are using.

In terms of mix the drums sound like they are in a boomy cavern and the cymbals are too loud at times. The kick drum is too boomy as well. I think the drums need to sit further back in the mix.

In terms of instruments the piano doesn’t sound good in the lower register (like at the first break/transition point). It’s also conflicting with some other instrument that makes it too busy there. I think the upper register piano sound is fine. The strings that start at midpoint are heavy in reverb and they sound lower quality to my ear. The guitar sounds thin and twangy at some points but that is subjective I’m sure.

This is just a quick survey for you. I think reworking the mix and some of the sounds will do wonders to this and make it more viable for the RF market.
I hope this helps and good luck!


Thank you very much for the advice Midnight Snap !!! I have one more question, can I resubmit music to checks? For this I was not banned out of the site? Little changed as you said, removed Elect guitar, stringed instruments and make quieter pads



In theory, if your track was «hard» rejected, you can only resubmit it if doing drastic changes to it all. But, no, you’re not banned out of the site for a rejection. :wink:


Hey Alem-Project, I think you are on the right track but the piano is really loud and distorting at times. It sounds like the lower piano is all max velocity, maybe try and get it more natural sounding and sitting better in the mix.


That is, these changes are not suitable for re-submitting?


Well, as I’m not a reviewer, I’m not sure where, exactly, they draw the line if enough changes were made to a track. (I was under the impression that it takes more than a few adjustments to be reconsidered, but maybe I’m wrong). More experienced sellers here will surely have a better explanation than mine about this. Sorry for the confusion. :slight_smile:


Very good advice here. The piano can go lower and less bright. Maybe a new piano sound altogether or use the stage mic if your library has it. Try to match it to the solo guitar in terms of reverb and volume. For the drumkit, push it back, add more reverb, less volume (not to the kick!). In general the mix needs more of a sense of depth. Sometimes it can be achieved with an inserted reverb per track tweaking the pre-delay (the more predelay, the closest the source), or with the delay in the sends in “prefader”.
Also the drums could use a bit of unquantize or make the rolls a bit more “human”, specially on the snare drum.


The second mix sounds pretty good, but for me, some of the bass frequencies are getting lost a bit and not anchoring the track the way they should, leaving a tiny hole in the middle of your mix/making it sound a tad thin. With less going on now, everything needs to be perfectly mixed/balanced, IMO. Other people are hearing that as a too bright piano, but I think it’s essentially the same thing - an imbalance of frequencies. If you bring back a couple dB at 100-150Hz, you bring some warmth into the track, or you can cut back some of the piano whaaaaaa around 350-400Hz. I like how much “cleaner” the second mix sounds. I think in terms of composition, the first version is fine, but would have required a bit of a mix-overhaul. I think you are probably about 90% of the way there now. My advice would just be to take a day or two off from the track and come back with a fresh set of ears, to dial in the last 10% of the mix…


Thanks for council adammonroe! better not to play with viewers. I will not re-send to audiojungle, too lazy to rework, currently working on a different composition may be lucky next time. If anyone needed I can give for free the first version


Hey @Alem-Project check your ending it seems that there are some stutters on the last piano chord that may raise a red flag in the review process. I like what you have done with this track, the progression is nice and the changes you made are funneling it in the right direction. The piano could be softer, take the velocity down on the notes. The last note at the end of each section is too quick and again stutters in some places, extend those. The string pad may have to be upgraded as well. I know i’ve had issues not using good enough samples and items have been rejected for that reason alone. Maybe try another version and repost. Also the best answer sometimes is to add the track to your own collection and create something new, but that’s tough to move on sometimes.


Hi Alem,
It’s always a choice between improving an existing track or move on to another. I’ ve been there and will be I think. But asking for advice and then decide to move on is not ok. People bother and invest time. You should also. Take the hit and improve your track, just because it matters! I don’t believe in starting something new if there’s nothing learned. But it’s your choice ofcourse and there are no garanties…


I agree with everything that guys said , I think that this track is better than some other tracks on this stock .Your second mix is mouch better , but it’s not to me to think what’s good (commercial) and what’s not good… Just keep on working , don’t get stuck with one track , just keep on composing new tracks, uploading , and you’ll be on the right path soon !!!
If you you need second advice , there’s always a forum !
Wish you the best dude !!!