Why is this track has been rejected feedback pls


https://soundcloud.com/mr-aleks-2015/house the old version

https://soundcloud.com/mr-aleks-2015/house-new new version


Hey mraleks2015,

I listened to the “new version” as I thought this was probably the one you were trying to pitch. My comments below:

  1. For house music, the kick, sub, and overall bass energy in the track is lacking. The kick, aside from coming up in the mix, needs to be fattened up a bit and made more prominent. You can use side chain compression for this, so the sub/bass synth will duck out when the kick comes in. You could also have one kick sample for the low end, and another for the high end. The sound you’re using for the sub could be changed, it sounds a little too much like a bass guitar to my ears.

  2. The clap also needs to come up more, and you could even change the sample for this, it sounds a bit thin for contemporary house music. Also I’d recommend adding an open hi-hat sound on beats 2 and 4 - this is house after all!

  3. The lead synth you’re using isn’t bad, but you could get rid of the harpsichord/guitar thing underneath and replace it with something a bit more menacing.

  4. The build up at the start is pretty long. In EDM this is pretty common, but after all, this is AudioJungle and we’re selling music for advertising, amongst other things. So, you’d be better off getting to the drop within the first 10 seconds! See my music library track “My Metal House” to hear what I mean: http://nosheetmusic.tv/artist/james-price/

So how you go with that, and check out some YouTube tutorials for producing/mixing techniques for house music, and have a listen to artists such as Deadmau5. That guy has loads of stuff online giving away his tips!

Hope this helps :smiley:



Here’s a few things:

-Sample quality is a bit low, it sounds ‘dated’. The drums, especially the clap sound lack some ‘oompf’.
-The track is too repetitive, I know dance and house tend to be repetitive, but they are also kind of hypnotic, this track isn’t
-The bass doesn’t add anything to the track as a whole, it misses impact.
-Just as JPricemusic stated: The buildup is a bit all over the place.

I hope this helps, Good luck!