Why is this track has been rejected



The intro is too long…The synth doesn’t sound in the mix and it’s quality could be a bit improved…
Overall, maybe not a commercial composition for the Audiojungle.


I think the track is really cool for the dancefloor/club but maybe for Aj need to be more commecially structured


It’s too long and too repetitive, my guess.


Try to create 2 min version, and re-submit this music again. Long version set as additional. May be it will be approved. I think this kind of music good as background for some videos.


hi i am not a musician and my opinion is of limited value for that matter , but i also tend to believe that u would gain in impact out of making the track not that long and trying to variations in the rhythm and thus ;make the track a bit less repetitive indeed


I actually quite liked it and I think it is right for stock music libraries, I can see that working with fashion videos, modelling agencies, catwalks etc, or even on TV channels nightscreens. Nothing wrong with the structure, that’s what house music is.


I think with other structure could work much better. For example starting at minute 1:00