Can anyone help me understand why my track was rejected. It seems Audio Jungle don’t have the time to even indicate why, other than a link to submission requirement. (Don’t you find that rude?)
I feel they should come up with a marking system, scores for certain categories to at least help you see where you failed.
Ill add a drop box link here, thanks in advance. :wink:

Just my two cents and I’m not house expert. It could use an intro. The chord progression could be varied a bit. Not a fan of the brass sound.

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Hello Sidetrackmusic

I have submitted house music before and had the same reply. It’s usually the same reply with almost every rejection when there is any problem with the sound quality (without giving any further explanation).

I think those are some of the reasons the track was rejected. (with some potential suggestions/solutions):

  • The beginning is a bit sudden, I would use an fx before jumping into the main element
  • The bass could use some sidechain compression with the kick (like the synth pad)
  • Maybe a subbass is necessary to fill the low end.
  • the reversed vocal sample could also use some reverb and delay.
  • Some reverse cymbals and risers are crucial for transitions and for example for the breakdown.
  • I would’ve used another sound instead of the brass as well.
  • I would’ve also used some percussive loops to make the beat a bit fuller.

I would in any case listen to the bestsellers tracks to compare and see if the quality is close to theirs or not.

Don’t worry, we all go through such rejections and get upset. Just don’t take it personally and keep in mind the only thing you can do is produce and a lot. :wink:

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