Pls tell me why do you think my track got rejected

Hi guys , I’m new to AudioJungle and I recently sent 2 tracks for submission and both of them got hard rejected . So if anyone could help me understand the reason/reasons I would be very grateful . thank you for your time
my first track called Bass driven house was uploaded in the House category . ( this is the standard version , I also uploaded 3 variations : extended, 60 sec and 30 sec edit

My second Item called Good to Go was uploaded in the corporate category

I think your track is good. Here are my review :

  1. You used the same sounds for the whole song.
  2. Your mix need more space (reverb, delay or something more).
  3. Your piano or other sound need more side-chain effect.
  4. Maybe you can make a drop and build it up.
  5. You can use other percussion sound to make it more exciting.
    Hope it help you. Cheers.
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Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to the track . very helpful tips . I really don’t seem to get how should I try to keep the track interesting without making it “unpredictable” ,“distracting” , “not suitable for commercial uses” etc . I know this track is boring for listening but can you be more specific about your approach to this ? for example in your tip number 1 you said I used same songs for whole track but after the Breakdown part at 1:12 I layered the lead pluck ,subtracted the percussion loops and added more drum sounds instead .I also altered the main melody a little bit . and in the extended version, i also added strings and couple of synth sounds for the ending . My question is how would you add interest to the track ? would you change the chord progression for example or main melody maybe ?
thank you again and excuse me for the long reply :blush: