Why This Track Got Rejected?

Hello everyone. I really need your help, Please can you help me explain why my track get rejected? I put so much effort into this track. Just give me a honest opinion and tell me what’s i’m missing, i will make a research if there’s a thing i don’t understand about you explanation.

The sound is a bit muffled, lacks high end, and there’s some distortion/clipping going on. Also the structure lacks a build up/takes too long to take off. But I would say the main issue is the mix.

Thank you so much for you reply. I see people uploading music like this in audio jungle and they music got accepted. Basically I’m trying to copy this style. but it did not go well.

Well, if you compare your song to the song you’ve linked. The “This Electronic” song has a better mix and a clear high end. Also, it builds up directly from the start and develops throughout the song.

I’ve also done some stuff like this. For instance this track https://audiojungle.net/item/tropical-summer/20805598

And yes, it used to be a popular style here on the marketplace.

I see now. I have to improve my mixing technique.Thank’s again. (Back to make research again) .

I agree with AbnormAudio. The mix is a bit unbalanced. The bass needs some tidying up as it’s too bloated and lacks any real punch, and the lead lacks clarity. Perhaps a sweeping HPF on the repeating chord sequence might give it some tonal variety. Also, you need to deal with the audio clipping on the chord track.

Overall, I think it needs more sound variety and melody. It gets better at 1:17 with the introduction of that lead sound, but I think it’s a bit late in the day by that point. Maybe you could enhance the hidden melody that I can hear in the synth pad that comes in at 0:15.

For tightening up the bass, you could try side-chain compression with the kick as the source or a brickwall limiter.
The track needs a little bit of stereo width too. You could try some Mid-Side EQ techniques to open up the overall sound a little bit.

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I can hear quite a lot of clipping through my monitors from the main synth which I’m guessing is the main reason it got rejected. It could all do with some more high end as well. Most tracks on Audio Jungle also get to the point pretty quickly and your track takes a while to build up.

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what’s DAW did you use to make a track? I’m using Fl Studio.

Thank you for you reply.
I never followed any music class that provided gear like music programming. Because no one can teach me here in my country. So I had to study through You Tube and self learning, And sometimes fun can be turn into a heartache, but I found myself still making this thing over and over, even i failed a hundreds times.

There are some great resources on youtube. One of my favourites for mixing tips is the fabfilter channel.
I use Cubase 7.

I think the synths and other sounds are not mixed properly. Try Low pass eq the sounds leave drums alone.

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there are problems with your listening environment, mix lacks high end and its quite muddy in low end. watch some mixing tutorials and buy a pair of nice monitors if you are mixing on headphones

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do you have any suggestions on what free VST plugin should I use for Mixing? I do not have enough money to buy a fancy VST Plugin like fab filter.

What DAW do you use? The essential tools required to produce a good mix (EQ, compressor, reverb, delay, limiter etc.) are implemented in nearly every DAW.

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you dont need to download free plugins, use what you get inside your daw. what daw do you use?

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I am using FL Studio. I have seen many tutorials on You Tube But I still do not understand how to use it. Like Eq Reverb And Delay and the most difficult part for me to study is E’quing. I’ve seen a lot of people make tutorial using Parametric Eq 2 , I’ve tried to follow their steps, but I still do not understand how low end, high end sound’s like.

I’m using FL Studio.

Yes. I am mixing using headphones.

Dont get me wrong but i think that you still need to learn some things before you will be ready for AJ or other types of music production OR find somebody that can mix and master your productions until you learn the trade