Feedback on why this EDM track was rejected please.

I think the mix and mastering was pretty good. What do you think?

I believe you got rejected because the track is a little bit ‘too much’. That arpeggio really goes on for a while without interruption and it also sits quite loud in the mix, alternatively the cutoff is a bit too open (i assume you have an envelope on the filter). Judging by the title of this topic I assume you got a hard reject so changing the track won’t be of much use, but in the future you can keep this in mind: AudioJungle prefers music with variety that isn’t too distracting or ‘out there’. Ever since I started thinking more about that things have gone a bit better for me.:slight_smile:

I don’t hear anything insanely wrong with the rest of the mix so the issue here is simply structure and keeping some sounds in check so that they don’t ‘take over’.

To be honest the track sounds too much oldskool (like in 90s). There is no punch and all sounds are too raw and flat.


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I would agree - 90’s House not EDM.

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yep i guess so…so it’s not modern enough?