why I'm paying so many Sell taxes?

Hello, I’m a new seller here. I am selling footages and so starting selling of course from low prices. So, I am selling my items about 10$. Today I have sold 1 footage for 10$ and get only 2.5$, why? can somebody explain? Only first sell I did not pay royalty withholding tax(see attachment)

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Have you submitted W-8 (or W-9 for US person) form? (in your Settings)

I dont remember :roll_eyes:

This is US Tax. If any of US person Purchase any of item from you the US Gov getting Tax from you.

This is their rules nothing we can do anything.

Really? First sell was from Germany or Japan I don’t remember, thats why I did not pay taxes I think. This is very bad! I am not US person, why I am paying??

Did you submit W8BEN form ?

You can check this you submitted or not that form

Quick submit W-8 form right now:

or they continue cutting this fees from you

Hope you will saved from this.


I remembered, I have submited previous and today also and now when I am going setting there is form again for full on, its normal?

I saw your account you are from US

Georgia i think you have to submit W9 form

you can knock here as a author Envato Help Ticket

Hope They Would Like To Assist You.

Already done. Thanks for assist :blush:


He is not from US, Georgia is a Caucasian country, not state of US =)

Haha right :grinning::georgia:

Look, you shouldn’t pay any taxes, so manage your W-8 form

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How I can know which form I am managing? I have made it 2 times already

Ah, okay, I have managed w8 form as previous but already payed taxes. Will envato refund this money?

May be not but after fill up and submit that form hope they will not getting tax next time

Taxes are really annoying me very much.:sweat: and the happy part, that I can’t do anything about it, because the country I live in doesn’t have any kinds of treaties with US taxes.

You should be happy that Georgia has treaties with the US.

:slight_smile: you are asking about taxes and you “don’t remember” if you made W8 ?

come on :slight_smile:

When it comes to taxes, we are acting like babies, “what are saying… I don’t understand taxes, What is the definition of the taxes please” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yes I don’t remember because as usually in my country taxes like this, I don’t pay it. So that’s why I don’t remember. Anyway I have made w8 form again(but later I have remembered that done this form already) I hope envato does not cut taxes again!

I am happy but envato cuting taxes anyway :smiley: when I have attached payment method, I have remember that done this form, but cut anyway