Sales earnings $16.24 and after USA Tax $8.44 - how ??

HTML Template , regular price 17$ - (2) items and after fees it was $16.24

The tax is 30% the blance should be 12.31

Did you submit W8 form ?
W8 form For non US Person & W9 form For US Person

Fill up this form

Still have any question request for Envato Help

And what’s on Statement page?

Hi guys
I submit the w8- form on 20 Aug 2017 and in the Tax page I got this message

You successfully submitted your tax information on 20 Aug 2017 18:55:49 UTC.

Your tax information will expire on 1st January 2021. Please re-submit your form before expiry.

If you wish to update these details, please re-submit the form below.

You have to pay the US Withholding Tax on your gross amount of a sale ( Item Price )!

List Price: $17.00
Fixed Buyer Fee: $4.00
Author Fee: 37,5%
US RWHT: 30%

$17.00 - $4.00 = $13.00 (gross)
$13.00 x 0.375 = $4.88 (author fee)
$13.00 x 0.30 = $3.90 (us rwht)
$13.00 - $4.88 - $3.90 = $4.22 (net)

$4.22 x 2 sales = $8.44

Magic question - did you filled up W8 form for non US residents ? If you don’t then it’s 30% US tax.

Sealord’s calculations seem pretty clear and comprehensive, but you should contact support anyway for a case it is the US tax withholdings. If you didn’t file the W8BEN (the option of W9 for non-residents, so that’s the problem. But there’s nothing you could do right now, just waiting for the end of Jan