Will Envato reimburse us after filling the W-8 Form?

I am getting only 1.65 USD when selling 6 USD item. I sold to UK & Brazil. As per Envato system, we should get 62.5% of our sales ( $3.75 per each item), I don’t know why I get only $1.65. I read that we should fill the W-8 form to get $3.75

So, after I fill it, will Envato reimburse me(will they cancel the extra fee on the previous sales)? Or accounts don’t change?

I do greatly appreciate your clarifications.

Thanks a lot!

You won’t get it back. Filling the form will apply to all future sales. The tax collected on previous sales will be remitted to the IRS. It states this in the help center, note below:

What happens if I don’t complete my tax info until after withholding starts?

Any amounts withheld prior to receiving your tax information will be sent to the IRS.

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Oh I see, that’s really bad :frowning: I didn’t know anything about taxes, I thought it is like other websites like Udemy, they don’t involve the author with taxes. I am going to fill it now. Thanks.