Question about taxes ?

Hello Guys,
Is it normal to deduct taxes for someone who is not a resident of the United States?
For exemple if i posted a template for 14$ what is the net profits after author fees, & taxes?
Can anyone show me how it work ?
And thanks for help :slight_smile:

Have you already filled in W-8 form? Helpful links:

What unvab said. The net profit depends on where the author is from, whether they have filled out a W8 and with a tax ID or not, whether they are exclusive or not, how much they have sold, where the buyer is based, and what the buyer’s fee is for that $14 item.

Without knowing all of those, the highest net profit is $11.37 ($1 buyers fee for an exclusive author with no withholding tax), and the lowest is $0.40 ($12 buyers fee with 30% tax for a non-exclusive author)

yes i already submitted the W-8 form , i am from morocco
i posted a template for 14$ the net profit is 6$
is this fair ?

Yes, absolutely. To be more precise, you should receive $6.25 (sure, it is).

($14* - $4**) - 37,5%*** = Your Net profit (before tax).

* item price
** Envato Buyer Fee (depends on item’s category)
*** Exclusive Author Fee (depends on all-time sales and whether you opted to sell exclusively or not)

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